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1. Are you interested in robots?
Answer 1: Yes, robotics engineering is something I take a keen interest in. I actually subscribe to a journal
dedicated entirely to robots called “The Robot Workshop”. The other day I read a really interesting article
about how robots can be used to perform surgeries.

Answer 2: Yes, I do. I think, on the whole, they can be very useful as they’re able to do work we can’t do.
Answer 3: We all are already surrounded by robots and I think yes I am too an extent interested in them as
well. It will be amazing to see the robots doing things that we don’t like making us more productive. So, for
example, when a robot would be driving my car, I will have time to read my novel or have a chat with my
2. Did you like to watch cartoons about robots when you were a child?
Answer 1: Yes, I did. I was huge Transformers fan when I was little. I collected the figurines and even as an
adult I love the films.
Answer 2: No, I can’t say I was very interested in cartoons at all. I was so into sport that I didn’t have much
time for TV.

3. Do you like robots to work at your home?
Answer 1: I think that’s a brilliant idea. I’m quite lazy, so household chores like cleaning or cooking are a
real hassle. I would prefer to have those
a robot. Actually, we have a robotic vacuum cleaner at our house. It’s truly a life-saver.
Answer 2: I am pretty content with robots working at my home doing things that I really don’t like. So, for
example, things like cleaning the room or the car, well if the robot does it I am good with it. Or, for
sometimes make food for me. But, then depending entirely on them, does not suits me well. Allowing the
robot to cook food for me or drive car for me, is not something I will go for. Sometimes it is good, but there
are times you wish to do things on your own, spend time with people you love. I think balancing between
both is where the things will go.
4. What do you think about travel by car which is controlled by a robot?
Answer 1: Well, I’ve heard about trains that operate automatically without human interference in Singapore
and some other countries and I may have been on them too, but the idea still makes me feel uncomfortable.
I’m aware of the fact that robots are supposed to be more accurate and free from errors and all but, you
know, I still feel nervous thinking that my life is in the hand of something that doesn’t know what to do other
than what it is programmed to, and, especially, when it’s fast.
Answer 2: I think it would be great. I’d be able to sit back, do nothing and enjoy the ride.
Answer 3: I would love to have a car with a robot in it, but only if there is an option of manually driving the
car as well. Having a robot every time in the car, will just take away the fun of driving the car. The fun that
you get, the rush of reaching to a place, the fact that you can control something is amazing. Although,
having a robot will help in having those long trips but a permanent driver is something I’ll avoid.

5. Will robots replace human beings in the
workplace completely?

Completely, might not be possible. But, yes to a very large extent, in the near future, robots will surely
replace humans. And they have done in the past as well. There were times when people were given jobs
only for data entry, this is now handled easily using computers. But, in my opinion for jobs like teaching or
even software jobs will continue to require manual intervention.

Vocabulary for the Topic of Robots:
1. breakdown / short circuit / stop working / malfunction : ngừng hoạt động
2. never 100% reliable : không tin cậy 100%
3. time efficient / able to do work others can’t : hiệu quả thời gian
4. accurate / more precise than humans : chính xác
5. able to calculate quickly : có khả năng tính toán nhanh
6. Inexhaustible : vô tận
7. Can be easily replaceable / can be expendable : có thể dễ dàng thay thế được
8. Obedient : ngoan ngoãn
9. Follow instructions : làm theo sự chỉ dẫn
10. Can be programmed to do different tasks / can be programmes not to hurt people : có thể
được lập trình làm nhiều phần việc khác nhau
11. A permanent driver : người lái xe dài lâu
12. Low-tech : công nghệ thấp
13. Do chores: làm việc nhà
14. Handle : xử lý
15. Data entry : dữ liệu nhập vào

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