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A. Common questions

Part 1:
1. Do you like toys?

Yes, I enjoyed toys because I believe people with love for life will still love childish

things. I always play with my son with his transformers at home to enjoy ourselves.
Other answer:
Yes, of course. I loved playing with toys when I was a child; I think all children do.

2. What was your favorite toy in childhood?
Well, to be honest, I was kind of a spoiled kid. My parents used to pamper me with all
kinds of toys, but my favorite was this Power Ranger action figure. I am a big fan of the franchise
so when I got the toy, I was elated. I still have it in my living room, actually.
Other answers:
I liked the toy cars and transformers when I was a kid because of the cartoons.
But since my parents were not very rich then, after I asked them to buy me a
transformer for many times, finally they agreed.

As far as I remember, I mostly played with toy cars, planes and action figures
from films or cartoons. I also liked building things with Lego.

3. Should parents buy many toys for their children?

Personally I don’t think it’s a good idea. I mean, if parents indulge their children and
just buy whatever toy they like, the kids are likely to develop a habit of pestering their parents
for things, and that’s definitely not a good thing.

4. What are the benefits of children playing toys?

People often think of toys as being detrimental to kids, but I think they can benefit
children’s development in some ways. Educational toys like building blocks can actually boost
the cognitive development of small kids. For example, my brother  used to with Lego a lot when
he was small, and he’s a very creative person.

5. What are the disadvantages of children playing toys?

Toys can be time-consuming. I mean, children often lose track of time when they play

with toys, and as a result, they may not have enough time for study.

6. Can you suggest why some people like to keep a childhood toy?

The main factor why people like to keep things from the past is that they can
remember things years later. Nostalgia is important for a lot of people who are afraid of
forgetting the time that has passed by, and also they are probably in a habit of not throwing away

7. In your country, do boys and girls play with the same types of toys?
Not really. I think boys like the kinds of toys that I mentioned before, whereas girls
play with dolls. My niece, for example, doesn't like toy cars; she prefers dressing dolls in
different outfits.
8. Do you think that toys help children to learn?

Yes, I do. All toys encourage children to use their imagination and creativity. Even

with simple toys, children imagine situations and invent games and rules.

9. What kind of toys do children like today?

I believe the kind of toys children like most today derives from what kind of cartoons
children have watched on TV. So I believe the cartoon figures like the Lightning, Bumblebee
and the Angry Bird are among the most popular toys.

10. Do you think toys should be passed on to other kids when these toys are no long

Yes, I feel that most toys have only been played for just one year, and they are almost
intact, so it is really a waste of money to throw them away. I always send my son’s toys to my
friends’ babies to reuse them.

B. Vocabulary

1. Balloon /bəˈluːn/: quả bóng bay
Example: We tied balloons and streamers to the ceiling ready for the party
( Chúng tôi thuê bóng bay và cờ dải cho trần nhà để chuẩn bị cho bữa tiệc)
2. Bucket /ˈbʌk.ɪt/: thùng, xô
Example: My daughter often plays with bucket
( Con gái tôi thường chơi với cái xô )
3. Teddy bear /ˈted·i ˌbeər/ : gấu bông
Example: However, among them all, the one that I preferred was my teddy bear
( Tuy nhiên, trong số chúng, thứ mà tôi thích nhất là con gấu bông)
4. Doll /dɒl/: búp bê
Example: She collects dolls
( Cô ấy sưu tầm búp bê)
5. Clown /klaʊn/ : anh hề
6. Rocking horse /ˈrɒk.ɪŋ ˌhɔːs/: ngựa gỗ bập bồng
7. Doll’s house : nhà búp bê
8. Crib /krɪb/: giường cũi của trẻ em

9. Airplane /ˈeə.pleɪn/: máy bay
Example: My father gave me an airplane toy as a present for my 6th birthday
( Bố tôi tặng tôi một chiếc máy bay đồ chơi vào sinh nhật 6 tuổi)
10. Train /treɪn/: tàu hỏa
11. Dice /daɪs/ : xúc xắc
Example: We need two dice to play the game
( Chúng ta cần 2 cái xúc xắc để chơi trò chơi)
12. Whistle /ˈwɪs.əl/ : cái còi
Example: She listened to the whistle of the wind through the trees.
( Cô ấy nghe tiếng còi trong gió qua những hàng cây)
13. Motorcycle /ˈməʊ.təˌsaɪ.kəl/ : xe máy đồ chơi
Example: Do you want to play car or motorcycle?
( Con muốn chơi ô tô hay xe máy đồ chơi ?)
14. Rattle  /ˈræt.əl/: cái trống lắc
Example: The baby was waving around a plastic rattle
( Em bé đung đưa xung quang cái trống lắc)
15. Puzzle /ˈpʌz.əl/: câu đố
Example: a jigsaw puzzle
( trò chơi lắp hình)
16. Robot /ˈrəʊ.bɒt/ : người máy

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