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‪#‎IELTSSPEAPKING‬# BENEFITS OF RIDING BICYCLES - lợi ích của đi xe đạp kiss topic nói khá dễ cho bài thi nói IELTS vì mem có thể lấy rất nhiều ý tưởng - chúng mình cùng đọc bài viết bên dưới để lấy thêm ý tưởng và làm phong phú vốn từ của mình hơn nhé colonthree emoticon

1- Physical exercise: vận động thể lực
2- Health benefits: những lợi ích về sức khoẻ
3- Financial benefits: những lợi ích về tài chính
4- Tremendous (a): to lớn
5- An exercise regime: chế độ tập luyện
6- A cardio workout: bài tập cho tim mạch
7- Eco-friendly (a): thân thiện với môi trường
8- A toxin (n) độc tố
9- Public transport (n): phương tiện giao thông công cộng

BENEFITS OF CYCLING - những ý chính về lợi ích việc đạp xe wink

1- Reduce stress
2- Reduce risk of diabetes and high blood pressure
3- Increase muscle tones
4- Strong heart and big lungs
5- See the world through different eyes
6- No noise pollution
7- Money in your pocket not in fuel tank
8- Avoid traffic jams
9- Shape your body
10 - Park everywhere

Bicycles have been around for a very long time. In fact, bicycles have been around for so long that it is a very common tradition, especially in Vietnam, that one of the first skills that a young child is taught along with his or her ABCs is how to ride a bicycle. As we get older, most people often lose interest in cycling. The thought of riding a bike becomes mere nostalgia of times when we were younger. However, if you stop to think about it, there are many benefits to riding a bicycle.

The health benefits of riding a bicycle are tremendous. A daily or weekly regular exercise regime is hard to maintain because of the lifestyles that we may have. Not, if we are to travel via bicycle, this can double as exercise. Depending on how fast we go, we may be able to get a great cardio workout. If we cycle uphill and off-road, we may also be able to squeeze in some fitness training and strengthening our leg muscles.

There are also financial benefits to riding bicycles. In this day and age, pas prices are on the rise and they continue to be priced higher and higher seemingly every single week.

Sometimes the price of gas can be so financially taxing to people who are on a budget that they have no other choice but to seek a cheaper alternative. Well, one great alternative is cycling.

Go green by cycling! Because bicycles require no gas, they are eco-friendly. They do not cause pollution to be blown into the air nor do they release harmful toxins that may potentially cause health problems.

All in all, riding bicycles has physical, financial, and eco benefits. These reasons for cycling are great, and the benefits can make us happier and healthier.

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