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Chúng ta hãy tự thưởng cho mình một chuyến đi du lịch dài ngày cùng BEC team nhé các bạn. 

Topic Card 2: 

Describe a long journey you had. You should say: 

  • When you made the journey 
  • What you did during the journey 
  • How long the journey lasted 

and explain why you enjoyed the journey. 

Sample Answers: 

Here I'm going to talk about my trip around Europe last summer, travelling by train. I went for a whole month, going all around Europe from London, where I was studying in a language school, to Eastern Europe and then back. 

After spending 9 months in London, I felt is was high time I embarked on a long trip to experience some more of the world and its people. Travelling by train, I kept myself occupied by looking out of the window at the landscapes as they flashed by. The countryside was mostly fields, but once I got to the Alps then it became breath-taking. There were towering cliffs of rocks with fast-flowing rivers cutting between valley walls. I could even see a castle on one of the hillsides. Each city I visited brought a new style of architecture and type of person on the street. 

I will never forget this trip because it was the first time I was travelling without a home base. I went with a good friend and we spent a lot of time together. We had memorable conversations on the long train journeys about life, society, and religion - all very deep stuff. I also had the chance to see some of the world's most famous sights like Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Charles Bridge in Prague. It was fascinating waking up on a moving train knowing that the next stop I got off at was going to present me with a whole new country with many surprises, It was a unique experience. 


 Means of travel: 

Air Travel: du lịch hàng không Excusion Train: chuyến đi tham quan 
Express Train: tàu tốc hành   Ferry Boat: thuyền, phà 
Hovecraft  Touring Bus: xe buýt du lịch 
Yatch: con buồm   

Tourist-Related Lexis:

Guidebook: sách hướng dẫn Passport: hộ chiếu
Journey/Trip/Tour: chuyến đi  Route: tuyến đường
Tourist: khách du lịch  Travel Agency: công ty lữ hành
Traveller's cheque: tờ séc  Visa: thị thực 
Holiday-maker: nhà nghỉ  

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