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Khi chúng ta tới một nhà hàng nào đó, chất lượng và thái độ phục vụ là những yếu tố vô cùng quan trọng. BEC sẽ cung cấp cho các bạn một số mẫu câu hỏi và trả lời liên quan đến vấn đề này, để giúp các bạn không còn lúng túng và sẽ linh hoạt hơn trong cách trả lời nếu bắt gặp những câu hỏi này trong các phần thi nhé. 


1- Are there many different restaurant near your home/ school/ university/ work? 

Yes, there are many different restaurants and other places to buy cooked food. The great thing about my neighborhood is that you can eat almost any food you like because there are so many different foods on offer. There's a very popular restaurant near my work that's always crowded with people who enjoy hot and spicy food. That's not really my thing; I prefer to eat at a place that specializes in noodles. It's always a challenge trying to eat a bowl of noodle without making a mess on my clothes, but after eating some I always feel happy. In fact, there are so many places to eat near my home that I haven't been to them all yet. I'm looking forward to trying all different types of food they have. 


Crowded with people: đông nghẹt người  To make a mess: làm bẩn 
Hot and spicy food: thức ăn cay   

2- What different types of restaurants are there in your home town? 

My home town is in England, so obviously the types of restaurants they have there are very different from those in Vietnam. Back in England, a lot of restaurants are also pubs, where you can drink beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages as well as enjoy meal. The food in places like these is called "pub food" and it is usually simple, tasty and filling. Of course, there are also "proper" restaurants that serve all sorts of food. there are many foriegn restaurants that serve Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish food. England isn't known for its delicious cooking, we eat a lot of foriegn dishes. 


Alcoholic beverages: thức uống có cồn  Tasty and filling: ngon và no 

3- What are some of the factors that make a reataurant a good one?

When eating at a restaurant, you should always feel relaxed and comfortable. The French believe that unless this is the case, you will have bad digestion. Therefore, it's important for a restaurant to be pleasant place to enjoy meal. It helps to have a litlle music playing, but nothing too loud or fast-paced. Excellent service is a must in my opinion. If you have to wait for ages before your food arrives, it's very annoying. The staff must be friendly and polite and have a good knowledge of the food on offer so they can make recommendations, and of couse, the food itself should be tasty. Finally, it helps if the price is low, but if a reataurant is really good, they will of course charge a little more money. 


Relaxed and Comfortable: thoải mái và dễ chịu Fast-paced: có nhịp điệu nhanh 
Digestion: sự tiêu hoá  For ages: thật lâu 

4- Does the food in the reataurant you just talked about taste different from Western food? 

Yes, very different. Even the food that you would expect to taste the same as Western food, like bread, taste strange to a Western. Vietnamese bread is a bit sweet and floury whilst Western bread is more coarse and heavy. In generall, Vietnamese food is a lot more oily and spicy too. This can be a surprise to someone who orders a dish and then discover that it's too hot to eat! In the West, most spicy dishes are Indian curries and hot food is not that common. I think Vietnamese meat us delicious because it's cooked in a small pieces so that you can pick it up with chopsticks 


Floury: nhiều bột Oily: nhiều dầu mỡ 
Coarse: cứng  Indian curry: cà ri Ấn Độ 

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