‪‎IELTS SPEAKING‬: FLOWER TOPIC - chủ đề từ vựng các l

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‪‎IELTS SPEAKING‬: FLOWER TOPIC - chủ đề từ vựng các loại hoa

‪‎IELTS SPEAKING‬: FLOWER TOPIC - chủ đề từ vựng các loại hoa

1. Do you like flowers?

=> I love roses because they are one of the most enduring symbols of love and appreciation. They also have a sweet and delicate fragrance that ease my mind.

(Enduring: lasting for a long time- bền)

2- Which is your favorite type of flower? Why?

I don't really pay much attention to flowers, so I have no idea. Maybe..It's called a lily? Quite a big flower with large petals, and it comes in white, pink, and orange, I think. I like it because it is good-looking and has a pleasant smell.

3 - Do you like to have flowers in your home?

Answer A:

Yes, I do. I think they add a lot of color to the place. They’re a nice natural touch and as they only last about a week I usually replace them with some other flowers so there’s always something different to look at. They bring a bit of life to the apartment, which is something I like.

Answer B:

Personally I don’t really bother with flowers where I live. I just don’t think they are important enough to go and buy them, then arrange them, and water them everyday. I like flowers, but I can’t be bothered having them around the house. If I want to add a splash of color I’d prefer to buy a painting or something similar for my home

4- Do people in your country like to have fresh flowers in their home? Why?

They do, yes, but a lot of people prefer to have living plants because they last longer. There are probably more flowers in shops and restaurants and places like that than in people's home.

5- Where would you go to buy flowers?

Answer A: It would depend on the occasion or event, and who I was buying them for. If it was just a small gift for someone and it wasn’t a particularly special event or anything like that then I’d probably pick some flowers up at the supermarket because they usually have a good selection and they’re always fresh and good quality.

Answer B: If it was for a special event, or someone really special, then I guess I’d go to a florist and look for something appropriate for the person or event. I think each place is good depending on what you need. The supermarket is convenient and the flowers are good, but at the florist you can usually find something a little different or out of the ordinary, and they usually deliver them as well.

6. Why do some people like flowers?

=> Well, many people love flowers because of their beauty, fragrance and meanings attached to/associated with them while some people like flowers because they are a great ornament used to decorate their rooms.

????7. Is there any special meaning of some flowers?

=> Well, as I've said before, roses symbolize love, romance and appreciation; lilies represent pureness, and carnations are the symbol of Mother's Day/sun flowers represents optimism/peonies are the symbol of elegance, wealth and prosperity.

8- On what occasions would you give someone flowers?

Flowers aren’t always my first choice as a gift, so it would depend on the event and the person, but I usually take flowers with me when I visit my mother for example, because she loves flowers. I would also buy them for my girlfriend’s birthday and any other special occasion because she really adores them.

Then there are events such as funerals when flowers are normally sent or delivered to the family, and maybe other special occasions such as the graduation of my sister or cousin from university, because they both like flowers.

9- Are flowers important in your culture?

Answer A: Personally, I don’t think they are very important in the culture. They may be popular, especially with women, but apart from the well accepted traditions of roses for romantic occasions, I can’t really associate a particular flower with any important special event or meaning. I think giving flowers is a common thing, many people do it regularly, but as for any special significance, I can’t really think of any.

Answer B: They’re a very popular gift to give someone but lots of people prefer to give and receive other types of gifts too, so I don’t think they are really that important in terms of the culture, unlike in some other countries maybe.

10- Do you prefer to give or receive flowers? Why?

I've never really thought about it, but I guess I'd prefer to give them as I'm not really a flower type of person. I mean I wouldn't really know what to do with them if someone gave me a bunch of flowers!

FLOWERS VOCABULARY : từ vựng các loại hoa

+ Carnation (/kɑːˈneɪ.ʃən/) : hoa cẩm chướng
+ Daisy (/ˈdeɪzi/) : hoa cúc
+ Peach blossom (/piːtʃ ˈblɒsəm/) : hoa đào
+ Gerbera (/ˈdʒəːbərə/) : hoa đồng tiền
+ Rose (/rəʊz/) : hoa hồng
+ Lily (/ˈlɪli/) : hoa loa kèn
+ Orchid (/ˈɔː.kɪd/) : hoa lan
+ Gladiolus (/ˌɡlæd.iˈəʊ.ləs/) : hoa lay ơn

+ Lotus (/ˈləʊ.təs/) : hoa sen
+ Marigold (/ˈmær.ɪ.ɡəʊld/) : hoa vạn thọ
+ Apricot blossom (/ˈeɪprɪkɒt ˈblɒsəm/) : hoa mai
+ Cockscomb (/ˈkɒks.kəʊm/) : hoa mào gà
+ Tuberose (/ˈtjuːbərəʊz/) : hoa huệ
+ Sunflower (/ˈsʌnflaʊə/) : hoa hướng dương
+ Camellia (/kəˈmiː.li.ə/) : hoa trà
+ Tulip ( /ˈtjulɪp/): hoa uất kim hương
+ Chrysanthemum (/krɪˈsænθ.ə.məm/ ): hoa cúc (đại đóa)
+ Forget-me-not: hoa lưu ly thảo (hoa đừng quên tôi)
+ Violet (/ˈvaɪə.lət/): hoa đổng thảo
+ Morning-glory: hoa bìm bìm (màu tím)
+ Water lily : hoa súng
+ Magnolia (/mæɡˈnəʊ.li.ə/) : hoa ngọc lan
+ Jasmine ( /ˈdʒæz.mɪn/) : hoa lài (hoa nhài

+ Honeysuckle (/ˈhʌn.iˌsʌk.l̩/ ) : hoa kim ngân

+ Peony flower (/ˈpiː.ə.ni flaʊər/ ) : hoa mẫu đơn
+ White-dotted : hoa mơ
+ Phoenix-flower /ˈfiː.nɪks flaʊər/) : hoa phượng

IDIOM (thành ngữ) - BE AS FRESH AS A DAISY: tươi như hoa :3

=› to be full of energy and enthusiasm:

E.g: After a good night's sleep I'll be as fresh as a daisy.

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