Chúc mừng tất cả các bạn nay thi các kĩ năng buổi sáng đề dễ thở nghe và đọc đều dễ, đề viết task 1 là Tables (cocoa bean production in 6 countries from 1992-1998). Task 2: Although more and more people read news on the internet, newspapers will remain the most important source of news.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?.

Dưới đây là đề Speaking cả nhà cập nhật nhé. Topic Sky khá khó nhằn vì part 3 sẽ hỏi liên quan nhiều đến vũ trụ, còn bạn nào nhặt được topic tả người bạn của mình nói ngôn ngữ nước ngoài thì dễ thở hơn nhiều, chúc mừng tất cả các bạn học viên yêu quý của BEC đã hoàn thành kì thi tốt.

Part 1:

Let's talk about Wild Animals

Have you ever seen any wild animals?
Do you have a favourite wild animal?
Do you think wild animals should be protected?
Would you like to go to the zoo?

Let's talk about Borrowing things

Do you lend things to other people?
Would you let a stranger borrow your mobile phone?
Have you ever borrowed a book from someone?
How do you feel when people do not return something to you?
Do you think friends should borrow money from each other?

Part 2: Talk about a friend who has learnt a foreign language 
you should say: 
where and when he/she studied it 
how good is she/he at the the language 
what kind of problems he/she had learning this language 
and explain how he/she feels about this language

Part 3: Let's talk about learning Foreign Languages 
Do you think it is helpful to know a foreign language? 
Can you learn about a culture without speaking the language? 
What is easier, speaking or writing another language? 
How can you learn a foreign language and speak it like a native speaker? 
Do children have the ability to learn a new language easier than adults? 
How has the teaching of languages changed in your country in the last 20 years?

Part 2: Describe a time you enjoyed looking at the sky at night
you should say:
where you were
when did this happen
why you looked at the sky
and explain how you felt about it afterwards

Part 3: Let’s talk about Space exploration

- Do you think it’s necessary to see other planets?
- Do you think space exploration is a waste of time?
- Should children be taught more about stars and the planets?