Bên cạnh việc học  từ vựng, học các cách phát triển ý trong Speaking, việc tiếp cận với các đề thi thật là vô cùng quan trọng đối với các bạn đang luyện thi IELTS. Chính vì vậy, để các bạn có thể ôn tập và đạt kết quả cao hơn trong kì thi IELTS sắp tới, BEC gửi đến bạn tài liệu "TỔNG HỢP CÁC ĐỀ THI SPEAKING THÁNG 5+6/2019" do các bạn học viên nhà BEC đi thi về review lại

1. Đề thi Speaking 04/05 (BC)

Part 1: Sleep, Sky
Part 2: Describe a person you want to be similar to when you grow up
Part 3: Celebrities - where can celebrities benefit, should celebrities be a mode for children to look up to? Should parents allow children to be free, how free should children be, benefits?

2. Đề thi Speaking 09/05 (IDP)

Part 1 : Work and Study, Activity (indoor/outdoor.....), Friends
Part 2: Describe something that you took home from a holiday/vacation.
Part 3: Taking photo/video

3. Đề thi Speaking 09/05 (BC)

Part 1: Work/study, Social networking sites, Silence 
Part 2: Describe a time you received a call from someone you dont know in a public place
Part 3: Mobile phone - Do you think it is common with Vietnamese people when using their phone on public transport like bus? Compared to having conversation between 2 people? What are the disadvantages of using phone near your ears? And what are the solutions for those?

4. Đề thi Speaking 10/05 ( IDP)

Part 1: Work, Sky, Food, Photos
Part 2:  Describe a food that people usually eat at a special festival
Part 3:  Do u think it is important to have meals with families? Why? How do u think about it in the future? Why? How can u know food is safe or not?

5. Đề thi Speaking 17/05 (BC)

Part1: Work, Drink
Part2: Describe an intelligent person you know
Part3: Intelligent person 

6. Đề thi Speaking 18/05 (IDP)

Part 1: House, perfume, weather
Part 2:Describe an occasion when your vehicle is break down 
Part 3: Transportation - Should people use public transport or private transport? 

7. Đề thi Speaking 22/05 (BC)

Part 1: Hometown, Crowded place
Part 2: Describe the items you bought but you rarely use it
Part 3: Cost and Shopping 

8. Đề thi Speaking 22/05 (IDP)

Part 1 : Apartment, Social network, Perfume
Part 2 : Describe an occasion when you recieved incorrect information
Part 3 : Information - In what kind of jobs do people provide information to the public?  How can someone tell if the information they receive is right or wrong?

9. Đề thi Speaking 31/5 (BC) 
Part 1: Work/ Study, Childhood, Social Network 
Part 2: Describe a person who encouraged you
Part 3: Achievements và motivations

10. Đề thi Speaking 2/6 (BC) 

Part 1: Social networking, Getting married
Part 2: Describe a time when a child makes you laugh
Part 3: Children- At what age do you think young people begin to have their own ideas? Who do you think has more influence on children’s ideas, their parents or their teachers? Is there someone with good ideas that has changed many people’s lives?

11. Đề thi Speaking 12/6 (IDP) 

Part 1 : Home / Social network / Balance time
Part 2 : a place you visited with your friend
Part 3 : Social skill

12. Đề thi Speaking 13/6 (IDP) 

Part 1: House, Weather, Borrowing
Part 2: Describe an occasion that your vehicle broke down?
Part 3: - Public transport in Viet Nam - Which is the most popular? Who use it more often? Young or Old? Should trains be built more in VN?

13. Đề thi Speaking 14/6 (IDP) 

Part 1: Home, Weather, Social networking
Part 2: Water sport would like 
Part 3: water sport activity/ travelling products on the water

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