Ngày hôm nay, chúng ta cùng tạm rời xa hiện tại để đến với tương lai thông qua những kế hoạch trong tương lai mà các bạn dự định. Các bạn hãy chia sẻ những dự định đó với BEC thông qua bài học về “Future Plan” này nhé. Đây cũng là một chủ đề rất hay và thú vị khiến các bạn vô cùng hào hứng phải không nào?

1. What sort of accommodation would you most like to live in when you get to England?

I think I’ll try to live in an apartment shared with other students – something like one bedroom or a two-bedroom apartment. I was told living in dormitory is more expensive than living in an apartment. Besides, I prefer to cook my own meals, so living in a dormitory is out of the question for me.

2. What problems or difficulties do you think you may have in Britain/ Canada/ Australia?

I will probably have some trouble with English at first. I heard that once one gets used to using English all the time, it gets a lot easier to pick it up. I suppose I’ll also need to learn how to do things in Canada. For example, I won’t know how to buy a subway ticket and use transport system, mail a letter, open a bank account, and other things. I think that it’s pretty normal to face these troubles when one first arrives.

3. Can you imagine what life in Britain/ Canada/ Australia will be like?

I have seen many pictures of Canada. I’m looking forward to the fresh air and beautiful scenery. In some ways, I can just picture myself there. But, I’ve never been to Canada before, so what I picture now, I’m sure, is not even close to what it will actually be like. Even though some of my friends have already immigrated to Canada or are there studying, I can only get a partial glimpse of what it will be like I’m looking forward to the adventure!

4. What do you want/ intend to study?

I plan to study Business. Hopefully, at the Master’s degree level. I’ve heard that if I can get an MBA from university in the West, my chances of getting a good job in a joint-venture company are very good. If I can’t get into Business, then I hope to study Computer. Business is really my first choice, though.

5.Which university are you going to study at?

It’s a small university in Eastern Canada called Mount Allison University. It has a very beautiful campus, but it’s quite remote. The nearest town is at least an hour’s drive away. It’ll be a quite a change from living in a big city, but I’m looking forward to the peace and quiet.

6. Why did you choose this university?

The London School of Economics is especially famous for business and economics. I think it’s the best place for me to specialize in finance and banking, the university has a good reputation among employers here in Vietnam. 

7.What are your plan in Britain/ Canada/ Australia/ New Zeland?

  • I plan to study at Monash University and get my Master’s in International Trade. That should take me about 4 to 5 years to complete.
  • I plan to immigrate to Canada. I have a few friends who can help me there. I am a petroleum engineer, so I think it should be easy to find work in Calagary.

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