Chủ đề Language - ngôn ngữ đang back lại trong bài thi nói ở quí mới tháng 9-12/2018 trong bộ đề thi IELTS, nên các bạn lưu ý ôn topic này choa tốt hen! Và để giúp các bạn làm thật tốt phần 2, BEC đã tự biên soạn và đã chuẩn bị bài sample chuẩn cho mem bên dưới cùng từ vựng cần thiết đây 


       what the language is

       where it is spoken

       what you think would be difficult

and what would be easy about learning the language

and explain why you would like to learn it

Sample answer


A language that I would like to learn in Korean.


I will now tell you about my favourite language besides English - it’s Korean for sure. 

To me, it’s an interesting language with a lot of culture behind it. Also, Vietnam has a very close relationship with Korea, so I believe it will really help my future.


I doubt it would be really challenging for me to learn Korean because it is not a Latin language, which is totally different from my mother tongue. Korean uses its own characters in its writing, so I would have to get familiar with its own alphabetical system. There are a lot of hard tones and stresses, too so it would be time-consuming to master Korean, but I think I will get a grasp of it gradually by following various lessons on Youtube. As well as this, I will enroll on a Korean course at a reliable centre. I will also get a good textbook that summarizes all essential vocabulary and grammar. I think Korean vocabulary would be much easier for me to acquire than their grammar because I have heard that learning grammar is extremely frustrating.

The reason why I really want to be fluent in Korean one day is because I am so in love with its adorable sounds. I myself actually can pick up some common phrases through a lot of Korean dramas and K-pop songs. 

I bet it would be easy to find a language partner or join a language exchange club to practice Korean because the number of Korean tourists visiting Vietnam has been on the rise and there are many Korean people staying in Hanoi now.

You know, knowing Korean in combination with my English skills can give me a competitive advantage in the not too distance future and it undoubtedly would make my future holiday in Korea more enjoyable. On top of that, I would be such a great feeling to be able to watch Korean movies without Vietnamese subtitles. 


All in all, Korean is definitely a handy language worth knowing!

Essential Vocabulary: 

1. An interesting language - 1 ngôn ngữ thú vị

2. Have a very close relationship with sb = có mối quan hệ thân mật với ai

3. I doubt it would be really challenging for me = tôi nghi là nó sẽ khá khó khăn cho tôi….

4. A Latin language - ngôn ngữ Latin

5. Mother tongue (n)  /ˌmʌð.ə ˈtʌŋ/ : the first language that you learn when you are a baby, rather than a language learned at school or as an adult: tiếng mẹ đẻ

6. Get familiar with sb/ sth - quen thuộc với ai / cái gì

7. Alphabetical system - hệ thống bảng chữ cái

8. Time-consuming - tốn thời gian

9. Get a grasp of sth - nắm vững được cái gì

10. Enroll on a Korean course - đăng kí 1 khoá học tiếng Hàn

11. Essential vocabulary and grammar - ngữ pháp và từ vựng cơ bản

12. Acquire - lĩnh hội

13. Extremely frustrating - cực kì bối rối, phức tạp (khó)

14. Fluent in - trôi chảy

15. Common phrases - các cụm từ phổ biến

16. Join a language exchange - tham gia câu lạc bộ trao đổi ngôn ngữ

17. On the rise- đang gia tăng

18. In combination with - kết hợp với cái gì

19. Give me a competitive advantage - đem lại cho tôi 1 lợi thế cạnh tranh

20. Competitive advantage (n) : the conditions that make a business more successful than the businesses it is competing with, or a particular thing that makes it more successful- lợi thế cạnh tranh

21. On top of that- trên tất cả thì

22. Definitely a handy language - chắc chắn là 1 ngôn ngữ tiện lợi 


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