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 Abstract: Bản tóm tắt

 Thesaurus: Từ khóa kiểm soát

 Annual: Tác phẩm xuất bản hàng năm

 Bibliography: Mục lục tài liệu tham khảo

 Bound Journals: Tạp chí đóng bộ

 Circulation Desk: Quầy lưu hành (mượn, trả sách)

 Encyclopedia: Bách khoa toàn thư

 Reference services: Dịch vụ tham khảo

 Plagiarism: Đạo văn


1/ Why do you think a library is a good place for reading?

There are several reasons why reading in a library is efficient. Firstly, a librarian can recommend books that we may not know, which broaden our tastes and expanding our minds. Besides, reading in an environment where everybody is reading motivates us to read more

2/ What can people read in a library that can’t be read in other places?

There are many books, especially ancient legendary books that are only available in a few libraries in the world. We are lucky enough to have archivists, who organize historical records for us to later on research about genealogy, immigration history, and so on, and these information are frequently found exclusively in libraries..

3/ Who should be responsible for the cost of running libraries?

Libraries are usually known as the “people’s university,” which provide information and educational opportunities for those who wish to learn. Therefore, I believe that readers themselves should be in charge of paying for library costs.

4/ Should governments invest in libraries?

Yes!! This is an important political issue to most teachers and educators. Politicians starving the public’s appetite for knowledge by cutting funding for public libraries is seen as directly damaging the future of society

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