Topic HEALTH mới được hỏi lại trong topic gần nhất IELTS Writing mới ra, cùng học ngay các collocations cực chất mà bạn có thể áp dụng cho cả văn nói lẫn văn viết bên dưới còn lấy ý tưởng viết hay
1. Health is wealth: sức khoẻ là của cải 
Example: Health is wealth; health is more important than any other wealth we own.
2. Health insurance (n) /ˈhelθ ɪnˌʃɔː.rəns/: an arrangement in which you make regular payments to an insurance company in exchange for that company paying most or all of the costs of your medical care: bảo hiểm y tế
3. Health education: giáo dục sức khoẻ
Example: As in all high school in New York City, Dewey offers health education and physical education. 
4. Health budget: ngân quỹ y tế
Example: Almost two thirds of the total health budget is now spent on treating patients with chronic conditions
5. Health service (n) /ˈhelθ ˌsɜː.vɪs/: a public service that provides medical treatment: dịch vụ sức khỏe
Example: Public health services are largely invisible - until things go wrong.
6. Health professional: chuyên gia y tế
Example: Advice should be ongoing and given by a health professional who has expertise in nutrition.
7. Health authority (n) /ˈhelθ ɔːˌθɒr.ɪ.ti/: in the UK, an organization that is responsible for hospitals and medical services in a particular area: cơ quan y tế
Example: Health authorities are offering mass immunization programmes against the disease. a local/regional health authority. 
8. Health officials: quan chức y tế
Example: Yet health officials were against the idea of giving contraceptives to them. 
9. Health workers: Nhân viên y tế
Example: Health workers  worry that the schools themselves are contributing to the problem.
10. Health centre (n) [ C ] UK (US health center) /ˈhelθ ˌsen.tər/: a building in which several doctors have offices and where people go to visit them: Trung tâm y tế
Example: The health centre is in a central location and was easily accessible to all participants.
11. Health camps: trại sức khoẻ
Example: We organize health camps and workshops in the communities.
12. Health and safety (n) /ˌhelθ ən ˈseɪf.ti/: the laws, rules, and principles that are intended to keep people safe from injury or disease at work and in public places: sức khoẻ và an toàn
Example: Tonight’s performance has had to be cancelled for health and safety reasons.
13. Health claim (n) : a statement on a food or drink product, or in its advertising, that says that it is good for your health: Các tuyên bố về sức khỏe 
Example: Health claims - like low fat, fat free and 80% fat free - confuse consumers.
14. The NHS (n) /ˌen.eɪtʃˈes/: abbreviation for the National Health Service: cơ quan dịch vụ Y tế
Example: Many forms of cosmetic surgery are not available on (= paid for by) the NHS.
15. Health anxiety (n) /ˈhelθ æŋˌzaɪ.ə.ti/: a state in which a person worries a lot about their health without having a good reason to do so: lo lắng về sức khỏe
Example: If you are inclined towards health anxiety, researching symptoms on the Internet can fuel your fears.

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