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Kết thúc chuyến đi, BEC sẽ đưa ra 1 số câu hỏi trong phần Discussion để chúng ta cùng tìm hiểu và thảo luận nhé. 


1/ Where do you want to travel in the future? 

  • I hope to have an exotic tour in the near future to experience different cultures and customs. One of my dream destination is Egypt. The country appeals to me because of her long and mysterious history, splendid culture and unique landscapes. 
  • I have an ambitious wish to travel to the moon in the future. I don't think it unrealistic because the development of scape technolofy makes it possible for ordinary people to travel in space. 

2/ What changes will happen in the ways of travelling in the future? 

  • I belive the ways of travelling will be more diverse in the future. As well as the traditional forms, there will be more customised transport forms for travellers to choose from. They can not only meet the traveller's demands for high speed but provide more comfortable and individual ways of travelling. 

3/ Did the generation of your parents enjoy travelling when they were your age? 

  • I suppose they also fancied travelling to strange places and exploring unknown things just like the young today. But due to their low budget and inconvenient transportation, they were not likely to travel as frequently and widely as today's young people. 
  • Well, frankly speaking, I never think about the issue. I guess they were not so craving for travel as today's young people because they were exposed to less temptation and encouragement from the media or friends

4/ Do you enjoy travelling alone or with others? 

  • I prefer to travel alone. I enjoy the solitude status in the trip, which encourages others to make first contact and increases your opportunity to make new friends. Besides, without the distraction of a group of partner, I can be more sensitive to new things around. 
  • I prefer to travel with my friends. I enjoy the feeling of sharing the pleasure of the trip with my companions. Besides, we can share the expense of the trip. 

5/ Where do tourist like to trevel nowadays? 

  • It's hard to say because there are so many choices for travellers to select. But on the whole, more and more tourists go travelling abroad to experience exotic cultures. Western Europe is the most popular destination because of its abundant historical and cultural relics. 
  • I think most tourists enjoy sightseeing travel rather than leisure tours. They are fond of the "famous" travel spots such as the Effiel Tower in Paris or the Tower of London. But with the growth of tourism, I think the tourists will become more sensible when choosing destinations. 
  • In my oppinion, more and more travellers prefer to tour natural beauties instead of man-made places of interest. After all, the natural beauties are ideal for relaxation. 

6/ What do you think of the tourism industry? 

Tourism has two sides just like any other things. On one hand, it has positive effects in creating employment and improving local infrastructure. But on the weaker side, it destroys the local enviroment and culture. From my point of view, the worst point is that tourism leads to global mono-culture. 

7/ What type of accommodation are available for tourists in your city? 

  • Being a metropolis,... offers various types of accommodation from youth hostels to luxury hotels. It's likely that tourist will choose their favourite ones based on their budgets 
  • The city I live is not a tourist one, so there are not many choices for tourists. The most common ones are medium-sized hotels. There are neither five-star hotels nor budget hotesls. 


Air Travel:

Airport Tax: thuế sân bay Fare: giá vé
Book the ticket: đặt vé  Take off: cất cánh 
Business Class: hạng thương gia Half-price ticket
Coach/Economy Class: hạng phổ thông International Arrival: cổng quốc tế
Check in Luggage Barrow: xe đẩy hành lý
Departure Lounge: phòng chờ  Make a reservation: đặt phòng 
Duty-free shop: cửa hàng miễn thuế  One-way ticket/single ticket: vé một chiều 

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