9 từ đồng nghĩa với 'ăn' trong tiếng Anh - EAT SYNONYMS

1- Nibble /ˈnɪb.l̩/ to eat something by taking a lot of small bites gặm, gặm nhấm, ăn từng mẩu nhỏ

2- Dig in dig: /dɪɡ/ to begin vigorously to eat: bắt đầu lao vào ăn một cách nhiệt tình.

E.g- Don't wait, just dig in.

3- Ingest /ɪnˈdʒest/ to eat or drink something - ăn hoặc uống cái gì vào bụng, tiêu thụ.

E.g- The chemicals can be poisonous if ingested.

4- Devour /dɪvaʊər/ - to eat something eagerly and in large amounts so that nothing is left - ăn ngấu nghiến, ăn nhồm nhoàm không bỏ sót cái gì. Ví dụ:

E.g- The young cubs hungrily devoured the deer.

5- Gobble up /ˈɡɒb.l̩/ eat a large amount of food quickly;
ăn ngấu nghiến, ăn ngon lành.

E.g: The children gobbled down most of the birthday cake

6- Wolf down /wʊlf/ - eat hastily
ăn vội ăn vàng.

E.g:- The teenager wolfed down the pizza

7- Pig out /pɪɡ/ to eat too much of something; to make a pig of oneself.
ăn quá nhiều, ăn như heo.

E.g- I intend to really pig out on pizza. I love to pig out on ice cream.

8- Polish something off /ˈpɒl.ɪʃ/ finish or consume something quickly.

đánh sạch bay, ăn sạch bát

E.g: They polished off most of the sausages

9- Clean (up) one's plate /kliːn/ to eat all the food on one's plate.

ăn sạch cả đĩa.

E.g- You have to clean up your plate before you can leave the table.

E.g- Mom said we can't watch TV tonight unless we clean our plates.

Đoạn văn bên dưới sẽ giúp học và hiểu rõ văn cảnh hơn của từng từ đấy ạembarassed

"Before you start eating, you should try a nibble of your food. That’s just a little bite to get a taste of the food in front of you before you dig in, or start eating.

When you eat your food, you could say you ingest it—but that’s a word often used by scientists. When you eat your meal very fast you, can say you devoured it.

When it comes to eating, no one does it as well as animals! When you eat a lot of food very quickly, you can say you gobble up your food (gobble is the sound turkeys make)! You can also wolf down your food (eat it quickly in big pieces), or pig out on it (eat too much).

When you finish the meal, you can say you have polished it off or cleaned your plate.

Is all this talk of eating getting you hungry?"



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