QUẢNG CÁO hay ADVERTISEMENT là một từ ngữ khá phổ biến trong đời sống hiện nay. Nhờ có quảng cáo mà chúng ta chọn lựa những món đồ dễ dàng hơn phải không các bạn? BEC sẽ review một số câu hỏi cho chủ đề này nhé. 

1/ Question 1: Are there many advertisements in your country?

Answer: Indeed, there are a lot of advertisements. Apart from television commercials and print adverts, outdoor advertising is also very popular in my country.

2/ Question 2: Why do you think there are so many advertisements now?

Answer: In my view, there are two main reasons why we see so many ads around us. Firstly, advertising has become a powerful tool to promote any product and to reach a wide range of audience. Secondly, manufacturers spend a substantial amount of their annual budget on ads.

3/ Question 3: What are the various places where we see advertisements?

Answer: In today’s media dominated world, advertisements can be seen everywhere – television, newspapers, magazines and roads. From hoardings and pamphlets to stickers and banners, there are numerous forms of advertising that cover almost every place around us.

4/ Question 4: How do you feel about advertisements?

Answer: I feel that advertisements have become an essential part of our environment. However, too many commercials on TV and radio often irritate me, especially when I’m watching or listening to my favorite programs. Excessive adverts in the newspaper also reduce my interest in reading.

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