#IELTSSPEAKING# - Doing something with a group of people - Mem thân yêu hôm nay chúng ta lại tiếp tục tìm hiểu chủ đề về làm nhóm trong bài thi nói của IELTS nhé cũng như học nhóm từ vựng liên quan đến chủ đề này colonthree emoticon

Describe something you did with a group of people.

You should say:

what the thing was
when and where you did it
whom you did it with
and explain why you did it with a group of people or what you learned from doing things with a group of people.

Sample answer:

Well, I guess my job really involves much group work because we always do projects for our clients in a team. Every time we form a team for a particular project, we play different roles, for example, someone works as a financial consultant, others manufacturing consultants, some technique specialists, and of course, the project manager. As for me, I am a logistic consultant responsible for purchasing items and the warehouses.

We work in the clients’ office, which will be easy for us to communicate with the key users. And our projects sometimes last very long, half a year or even longer. We always get along well with each other in a team because we need to cooperate well to brace for the tough clients.

I believe my colleagues are very nice and helpful. They are always ready to help me when I encounter problems in my work. Besides, I suppose that sharing knowledge and experience with others can definitely boost the team spirit, as well as levelling up everyone’s work ability. In addition, when we need to make a decision on a key problem, we hold a stormy discussion on it and sometimes we can gain insights into the problem, which will be beneficial for everyone.

1- Employee - Người làm công
=>Someone who is paid to work for someone else.
Ex: The company has several hundred employees.

2- Employer - Người sử dụng lao động
=> A person or organization that employs people.
Ex: Employers monitor their employees very carefully these days.

3- Employment - Việc làm
=> When someone is paid to work for a company or organization.
Ex: Due to the recession, there are thousands of people looking for employment.
I was employed in the company for several years.

4- Unemployment - Thất nghiệp
=> Not working.
Ex: Levels of unemployment in the economy have been rapidly increasing.
He has been unemployed for 6 months now.

5- Commute - Di chuyển
=> To make the same journey regularly between work and home
Ex: It is taking longer for people to commute to work because of traffic problems.

Commuting to work everyday by bus is tiring.

6- Occupation - Nghề nghiệp
=> Formal way to say 'job'.
Ex: What is your occupation?

7- Career - Nghề nghiệp
=> Working life or a particular job during one's working life that gets better in terms of salary and position.
Ex: He is retired now but he had an amazing career ( = succesful working life).
He hopes to have a career in the army

8- Profession - Chuyên nghiệp
=> Any type of work which needs special training or a particular skill, often one which is respected because it involves a high level of education.
Ex: The teaching profession is not as good as it used to be because salaries have decreased.

9- Salary / Wages - Mức lương, tiền lương
=> Money paid each month to an employee for their work.
Ex: Public sector salaries are not keeping up with inflation.
He receives a good wage because he works for a prestigious company.

10- Public Sector - Khu vực công
=> Businesses and industries that are owned or controlled by the government.
Ex: You get a good pension if you work for the public sector, but the salary is not always so good.

11- Private Sector - Khu vực tư nhân
=> Businesses and industries that are privately owned.
Ex: Most graduates hope to work in the private sector when they finish university as there are more opportunities and the pay is better than the public sector.

12- Retire - Nghỉ hưu
=> To stop working because of old age or ill health.
Ex: The retirement age in most countries is 65.
He had to retire early due to ill health

13- Flexi-time - Thời gian linh hoạt
=> Working a fixed number of hours but having flexibility with start and finish times.
Ex: They have introduced flexitime at my work place so I usually start at 10am now and finish at 6pm.

14-Resign / Quit - Từ chức, bỏ việc
=> To leave a job.
Ex: He resigned from his job yesterday.
Don't quit your job unless you have another one to start.

15- Fire / Sack / Dismiss - Đuổi việc
=> To remove someone from their job, especially because they have done something wrong
Ex: He was fired / sacked / dismissed because he was late for work every day.

16- Vacancy - Vị trí
=> A job postion that is not filled and so is available.
Ex: I spoke to the company and they said they had several vacancies.

17- Overtime - Thêm giờ
=> Working more than your contracted hours.
Ex: The employees often work overtime but they are not given extra money so it is not fair

18- Shift - Làm theo ca
=> The time worked in a job that is not normal hours.
Ex: She is a nurse so she has to work in shifts. One week she does the morning shift, and then the next week she will do the night shift.
Shift work can be very tiring.

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