Part 1: Frequent questions and answers
1. Do you like your name?
Well, it is my pleasure to introduce that my full name is Pham Quy Thiet. I quite like
my name, and I won’t change it for the world, because it is unique. I don’t think there are
many people in Viet Nam has the same name with me.

Other answers:

  • When I was younger, I didn’t because it’s somewhat hard to
    pronounce and people always screwed it up in some way but it doesn’t really
    bother me anymore. I kind of expect people to mess it up.
  • Definitely yes! It’s a simple, yet meaningful name to me. Say if
    you ask me whether I would like to change my name into another one, my
    answer would be a big no.

What do your friends call you?
It really depends. Most of my close friends prefer to call me by my nickname, “Pup”.
Meanwhile, others just use my first name.

Did your family have a certain (nick) name that they called you when you were a child?

When I was born, I had been crying for more than 2 hours. Therefore, my
parents decided to call me Crocodile, which turned out to be my nickname afterwards. It was
such a funny name which still makes me embarrassed when my parents call my nickname in
front of my friends.

Does your name have any special meaning?/ What is the meaning of your name?

It turns out to be a meaningful message under the story of my name. Thiet means
necessity, and Quy means beloved. So I guess it was my parents’ expectation that I’m always
their essential and beloved present from God.

Other answers:

  • I looked this up as a child and found out that my name (Christopher)
    means “bearing Christ”, in other words, someone who carries Jesus. It’s from
    Ancient Greek.

Do you think your name is special?
Actually, the name [……] is fairly common in my country. You would be pretty
surprised at how many girls here are named [….]. But, in a sense, this name is special to me
because my parents gave it to me and it will stay with me for my whole life

Who gave you your name ? / What’s the origin of your name?.
My name is named after a famous figure who my parents really admire and they
hope that I can turn out to be exactly like her in the future. So yeah, I guess both of them
agreed upon the name.

 Is your name common or unusual in your country?

Yes, it's quite a common name. I remember that there were two other people with the
same name as me in my class at school.

How did your parents choose your name?
To be honest, I'm not sure how they chose it; I've never asked them. I suppose it was
just a name that they both liked, and maybe they thought it suited me.

 Who usually chooses babies’ name in your country?
In my country, I believe that fathers are in the position of naming their children.
Sometimes they will look through some classical literatures to seek the meaningful words for
their children. This may derive from that fact that people in my country pay great attention to
their names because they believe that suitable names will bring them good fortune.
Sometimes they even change their names for their business and family purpose.

How are babies given their names in Vietnam? ( or In your country, what do they do when naming children?)

In Vietnam, a newborn baby is a very important event, so naturally names are
chosen with great care and hold much significance. Vietnamese people believe that a child’s
name affects its future, so most people are named after something with a positive image or

Is there any special ceremony when babies are given their names?
In the old days, people attached great significance to the naming of a child and held a
ceremony to mark the occasion. They would invite an old and wise person considered to be a
fortune teller to write down several names on pieces of paper. They even chose one name
according to cosmological conditions, and presented it to the family. This ceremony was the
cause for much celebration.

Why are some Vietnamese names very similar to each other?
In Vietnamese families, relatives often have similar names to one another to
symbolize their connection. Often, they share one part of their name, and sometimes if the
names of several family members are combined, a sentence is created.

In your country, do people feel that their name is very important?
People in my country pay great attention to their names because they believe that
suitable names will bring them good fortune. Sometimes they even change their names for
their business and family purpose.

Do people in your country ever change their names?
Yes, many people change their name if they think it brings them bad luck or is
hindering their career progress. Of course, some people simply don’t like the way their name
sounds. A fortune teller is often consulted when choosing a new name.

If you could change your name, would you?
No. It seems to be so ridiculous for me to change one's own name because each
individual needs to know how purposeful behind their parents’ choice. There is a prevalent
belief in my country that a child with beautiful name will get ghost noticed and bring them
away. Therefore, in my opinion, we should be thankful to our parents if we ever find our
name too common because they want us to have a good life.
Vocabulary ( Một số từ vựng cần thiết):

1. Nickname: tên nhạo, tên giễu, tên gọi ở nhà, biệt danh
2. Pen-name: bút danh, tên hiệu
3. Hard to pronounce: khó phát âm
4. A bit of a mouthful: cụm từ hơi khó đọc
5. To screw one’s name up: đọc sai tên

6. To mess one’s name up: đọc sai
7. A positive image: hình ảnh tốt đẹp
8. To make fun of: cười nhạo
9. To determine the future: quyết định tương lai
10. (To) denote: có nghĩa là
11. A fortune teller: thầy bói
12. Cosmological condition: điều kiện thiên văn
13. Roll off someone’s tongue: dễ phát âm

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