Quay trở lại với Part 1, Thế giới động vật luôn mang đến bao nhiêu điều kì diệu trong cuộc sống.Và nếu như animal đặc là Bird vào Speaking thì sao nhỉ .Cùng khám phá ngay Câu hỏi và các câu trả lời mẫu với BEC ngay nhé

How do you feel about birds

Answer 1: I’ve always had a fascination for birds. I think I inherited this interest from my dad. He can identify any kind of bird just by the sound of their song. I’m no expert compared to him but i’m still very fond of all kinds of birds. 

Answer 2: To me, birds are beautiful and adorable creatures that should be well-protected and loved. My memories came flooding back whenever mentioning about birds. Back then, my grandparents used to raise some birds. Their chirp sounds are really interesting which often woke me up every morning. It’s indeed a fabulous way to start a new day, isn’t it?

Không có mô tả ảnh.

How do Vietnamese people feel about birds

I think songbirds are very special for Vietnamese people because they are often kept as pets, and hung in cages outside shops and houses. Of course, some other birds such as chickens and ducks are eaten here, so perhaps the Vietnamese people’s relationship with birds is somewhat conflicted, as is the case the world over. 

Are there many birds near your home? 

These days, I live in the city so there’s a lack of wildlife in general, including birds. However, sometimes I do see pigeons, sparrows and other small migratory birds. I am also woken up daily by a the sound of a cockerel crowing nearby, although I’ve never seen it. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind if it met a sticky end. 

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: văn bản

Have you seen many different kinds of birds?

Answer 1: Yes, where I lived previously I would frequently see a whole host of different birds, from small birds such as finches, martens, sparrows, swallows and starlings, to birds of prey like buzzards, sparrow hawks, and even owls

Answer 2: Well, I have only seen a few, I am not very much of a birdwatcher. The ones I have seen are pretty common, like pigeons and sparrows. I haven’t caught sight of any exotic breeds in the real life, except for those on the television, particularly Discovery channel.

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: văn bản

Vocabulary highlights:

  1. Inherit verb/ɪnˈher.ɪt/: to be born with the same physical or mental characteristics as one of your parents or grandparents: thừa kế/ thừa hưởng

Example: Rosie inherited her red hair from her mother.

  1. Creature noun /ˈkriː.tʃər/: any large or small living thing that can move independently: sinh vật 

Example: Rainforests are filled with amazing creatures.

  1. well preserved adjective /ˌwel prɪˈzɜːvd/: (especially of something old) kept in good condition: bảo tồn/ giữ gìn tốt 

Example: It was a pretty town with a picturesque harbour and well-preserved buildings.

  1. Chirp verb /tʃɜːp/: (especially of a bird) to make a short high sound or sounds: hót (chim)
  2. birdwatcher noun /ˈbɜːdˌwɒtʃ.ər/: someone who studies birdsin their natural environment as a hobby: người ngắm chim

Example: Birdwatchers have seen several seagulls matted with oil.

  1. Songbird noun /ˈsɒŋ.bɜːd/: any of many different types of birdthat make musical sounds: chim sơn ca
  2. cagenoun /keɪdʒ/ a space surrounded on all sides by bars or wire, in which animals or birds are kept: cái lồng/ chuồng
  3. conflictnoun/ˈkɒn.flɪkt/an active disagreement between people with opposing opinions or principles: mâu thuẫn

Example: There was a lot of conflict between him and his father.

  1. Wildlifenoun /ˈwaɪld.laɪf/: animals and plants that grow independently of people, usually in natural conditions: hoang dã

Example: wildlife groups/conservation

  1. Sparrow noun /ˈspær.əʊ/: a small, grey-brown birdthat is especially common in towns: chim sẻ 
  2. pigeon noun /ˈpɪdʒ.ən/: a large, usually grey birdthat is often seen in towns sitting on buildings in large groups, and is sometimes eaten as food: chim bồ câu
  3. migratory adjective/ˈmaɪ.ɡrə.tər.i/: A migratory bird or animal is one that migrates (= travels to a different place, usually when the season changes): di cư

Example: migratory birds 

  1. Cockerel noun /ˈkɒk.ər.əl/: a young male chicken: gà trống
  2. crow noun /krəʊ/: a large, black birdwith a loud, unpleasant cry: con quạ
  3. buzzard noun /ˈbʌz.əd/: a large European birdthat is a type of hawk, or a type of North American vulture that feeds on the flesh of dead animals: chim ó
  4. hawk noun /hɔːk/: a type of large birdthat catches small birds and animals for food: chim ưng
  5. owl noun /aʊl/: a birdwith a flat face and large eyes that hunts small mammals at night: con cú
  6. exotic adjective/ɪɡˈzɒt.ɪk/: unusual and exciting because of coming (or seeming to come) from far away, especially a tropical country

Example: exotic flowers/food/designs

  1. Breed verb /briːd/: to keep animals for the purpose of producing young animals in a controlled way: chăn nuôi

Example: His main income comes from breeding cattle. (Thu nhập chính của anh đến từ chăn nuôi gia súc.)

  1. Come to (or meet) a sticky (or bad) end = be led by one's own actions to ruin or an unpleasant death

Example: ”behave yourself or you will come to a sticky end!”


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