1. Do yoga (n) /ˈjəʊ.ɡə/: a set of physical and mental exercises, originally from India, intended to give control over the body and mind: tập yoga
Example: a yoga class
2. Meditate (v)  /ˈmed.ɪ.teɪt/: to think calm thoughts in order to relax or as a religious activity: thiền
Example: Sometimes you should teach yourself to meditate.
3. Read a book: đọc sách
Example: Reading books is my all-time favourite pastime activity.
4. Cooking: nấu ăn
Example: Teach yourself how to cook and challenge yourself to assemble an interesting meal out of the materials you have on hand. 
5. Go for a walk: đi dạo
Example: Take a walk in the park and enjoy the natural beauty around you. 
6. Create a video: tạo video
Example: Create an interesting video and share it on YouTube. All this takes is a smartphone or digital camera. 
7. Listen to a podcast: nghe podcast
Example:  Podcasts are wonderful snippets of intelligent (mostly) and engaging talk radio, where people pour out their hearts and ideas for you to hear - for free.
8. Watch a sunrise or sunset: ngắm bình minh/hoàng hôn
Example: I love watching the incredible sunset because it gives me a better sense of gratitude for the earth.
9. Learn a musical instrument: học 1 nhạc cụ âm nhạc
Example: There are countless opportunities online for basic lessons on how to play any number of instruments, as well as how to read music.
10. Writing (n) /ˈraɪ.tɪŋ/: the activity of creating pieces of written work, such as stories, poems, or articles: viết
Example: I did a course in creative writing.
11. Visit the library: ghé thăm thư viện
Example: Your public library is a gigantic collection of free books, movies, music, magazines, and countless other things - all there for the borrowing

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