Trong thi TOEIC, khi chọn đáp án đúng cho câu, thông thường đề bài sẽ đưa ra khá nhiều giới từ cho các bạn chọn để đièn vào chỗ trống đi với các động từ hay tính từ. Hôm nay BEC sẽ cung cấp cho bạn một số COLLOCATION phổ biến trong các bài thi nhé 

  1. Commit oneself to : trao hoặc chuyển cho ai cái gì

e.g: We have committed ourselves to maintaining a high level of customer service within the hospitality industry

  1. Be divided into : bị chia ra thành

e.g: Because of the large number of participants at the workshop, attendees were divided into smaller groups

  1. Qualify for= be eligible for: có đủ tư cách làm gì

e.g:  Applicants must possess at least thress years’ experience in accounting to qualify for a job interview

  1. Collaborate on sth : cộng tác

e.g: The two firms want to collaborate on a landmark research project on DNA sequencing

  1. Discourage A from B: can ngăn ai làm gì, không ủng hộ ai làm gì

e.g: Office regulations discourage emloyees from marking personal telephone calls during office hours.

  1. A is aimed at B : A là mục tiêu tại B

e.g: The new F-series sports car is aimed at young business executives

  1. Respond to : trả lời, đáp lại

e.g: The client responded positively to our proposal for the new advertising campaign.

  1. Compensate A for B : đền bù, bồi thường

e.g: The broadcaster compensated Dr.Bland for the damage caused by the report

  1. Replace A with B= replace A by B : thay thế

e.g: If any of our products are damaged during ship-ment, we will replace them immediately with new ones.

  1. Be submited to : trải qua, chịu phục tùng

e.g: All registration forms which are submited to our clinic will be kept on file for two years from the date of receipt.

  1. Interfere with: quấy rầy, gây trở ngại, can thiệp vào

e.g: Chronic stress can interfere with the function of the immune system

  1. Attribute A to B: cho là, quy cho

e.g: Analysts attribute the current market boom to an increase in individual investors.

  1. Contend with= cope with= handle witth: giải quyết

e.g: Bakery companies have to content with a decreasing demand for baked products

  1. Restrict sth to a particular group : giới hạn

e.g: Access is restricted to authorized personnel only.

  1. Result from + cause : kết quả từ

e.g: The manufacturer will not be accountable for damage resulting from misuse.

  1. Be faced with : đối mặt với

Be faced with a situation= face/deal with a sitituation

e.g: Faced with a large debt, the company declared bankruptcy.

  1. Dispose of : giải quyết, bác bỏ, nhượng lại

e.g: When disposing of expired credit cards, it is wise to cut them in half.

  1. Associate with sb= spend time with sb : sử dụng thời gian với ai đó

e.g: The company’s consultant closely associated with a competing firm

  1. Contribute to : đống góp vào

e.g: Factors contributing to globalization include technological innovation and world economic integration.

  1. Check A for B : kiểm tra A cho B

e.g: It is recommended that consumers check their credit cards reports for errors at least once a year.

  1. Congratulate someone on something: chúc mừng

e.g: We want to congratulate Mr.Grant on his recent promotion.

  1. Comply with + rule/ regulation : tuân theo

e.g: Tenants are asked to comply with the building ‘s rules and regulations.

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