Tiếp nối bài COLLOCATION WITH VERBS lần trước, hôm nay BEC cung cấp thêm cho các bạn 20 COLLOCATION nữa để áp dụng cho các bài thi và kẻ cả trong bài thi IELTS mem nhé 

  1. Call for: đến tìm (ai) (để lấy cái gì...)

e.g: Mosaic Tech. provides more than 120 call centres around the world the help its custumers when they call for technical support while using its software

  1. take over: tiếp quản, kế tục, nổi nghiệp, tiếp tục

e.g: Mr. Sedaris will take over as vice president of sales when Mr.Fey retires next month.

  1. Turn in = submit : đệ trình

e.g: Those wishing to take time off for summer vacation must turn in their requests by the end of May

  1. Take sth into account = take account of sth : để ý đến việc gì

e.g: John took the past year’s market conditions into account when writing the annual report.

  1. Keep in touch with: giữ liên lạc

e.g: Richard Gates, the vice president of the legal firm, keeps in touch with many of his employees at other branches by videophone

  1. Look into = examine/investigate : kiểm tra, đầu tư

e.g: The finance division has looked into the errors and corrected them

  1. Keep track of =keep oneself updated : giữ cho ai đó theo kịp cái gì

e.g: This software allows users to easily keep track of inventory

  1. Look for = search for : tìm kiêm

e.g: The article gives advice on what to look for when buying a camera

  1. run the risk of : gặp phải nguy cơ

e.g: All assembly line workers should wear safety helmets, or they run the risk of injury

  1. look upon A as B : coi như, xem như

e.g: The company looks upon Asia as a potential market for its products

  1. draw on + tehnique/ experience : dẫn tới, đưa tới

e.g: When starting your own business, draw on your experience as a customer

  1. defy description= be beyond description: Không tuân theo, bát chấp

e.g: The subtle flavor of the soup of the day defies description.

  1. Hold back : ngăn lại, giữ lại, kìm lại

e.g: Please don’t hold back your opinions on the new product design

  1. Bring A to a halt : làm cho cái gì dừng lại

e.g: A loss of power will never bring operations to a halt because the manufacturing plan has two generators

  1. account for : giải thích nguyên nhân gây ra điều gì

e.g: The recent increase in the cost of raw materials accounts for the rise in prices of our products.

  1. Make sense: có ý nghĩa, hiểu là

e.g: After the expansion of the computer software department, it made sense to hire another full-time technician

  1. have A in common: có A phổ biến

e.g: The quality control inspector has determined that the assembly line errors made this morning had nothing in common.

  1. Go through : đi qua, chịu đựng

e.g: Due to increased competition in the food industry, Hill Natural Foods went through a difficult time financially.

  1. Have every intention of V-ing : có ý định, mục đích làm gì

e.g: The landlord has every intention of making improvements to the building.

  1. Check in : đăng kí ở khách sạn

e.g: Guests are required to check in before 10a.m

  1. Stand in for : đại diện cho

e.g:as Patrick Chang is sick, Tracy Morgan will be standing in for him today







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