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Topic Card 1:

Decribe a book you read that has a great influence on you. You should say: 

  • What is the title is
  • What the content of the book is 
  • What the most valuable part of the book is 

and state what influence it has on you. 

Sample Answer:

The most impressive book I read is a small paperback call Who Moved My Cheese? It was written by Dr Spencer Johnson, a physician and psychologist in America and one of the world's most influental thinkers and beloved authors.

Before I read the book, I believed the so-called inspirational books were for losers. This small book made me sit up and admit how wrong I was. This simple, short story presents four types of people in the characters of mice and little people. The four of them travel inside the maze in search of cheese. 

The "cheese" symbolies what we desire to achieve in our life; it may be a good job, a loving relationship, money, or spiritual peace of mind. The amaze is where we spend time looking for what we want. It may be the organisation we work in, the relationships we have in our life, or the community we live in. The "cheese" is what we think will make us happy, and when circumstances take it away, different people deal with changes in different ways. Through this analogy, the author illustrates the common reactions that people experience as they face unexpected changes in their lives and provides some timeless truths on how to be an overcomer. 

The beauty of this book lies in its simplicity. The use of mice and little people makes the book childlike, and that's what the author wants. Become a child when you read this book because only as a child will you have an open mind. 

The most valuable part of book is that, I think, it attempts to pose and to answer various questions. Which of the mice or little people are you similar to? How do you manage changes? Are you ready for changes? What would you do if your cheese was moved? And the most important question: Are you ready for the day when your cheese is moved? 

The book made me think a lot. After all, in this world, nothing is certain but death taxes and change. 

Topic Card 2: 

Describe a book you read when you were a child. You should say: 

  • What is it
  • What the main content is 
  • How you think about it 

and state what influence it has on you. 

Sample Answer:

The first book I got when I was a child was called Andersen's Fairy Tales, which was a birthday gift from my mother. I was fascinated by the beautifully illustrated book at the first sight. It had got a hard cover with the images of the tale on it - Snow Queen, Ugly Duckling, and my favourite, Little Mermaid

I enjoyed reading the story of Little Mermaid so much that I read it over and over again. The heroine is a fun-loving mermaid and the youngest daughter of the King of the Sea. She is enchanted by all human things. Disregarding her father's order to stay away from the world of humans, she swims to the surface of the sea. In raging storm, she rescures the prince of her dream. In order to be a human and live happily ever after with her prince, she strikes a bargain with the sea witch. She trades her fin and beautiful voice for legs. She must win the prince's love in three days, or she will lose her life. The ending of the story is not as happy as other fairy tales. That's why it impressed me deeply, I think. 

After I read the story, I often thought about it. I always forgot that it was only a tale. It seemed the story had become an intimate part of my life. When I grew up, I had a deeper understanding of the author and the story. Mr Andensen was a firm believer in drama mixed with hard knocks of real life. Here he's just transformed them into a fantastic story that every child needs to be told. Sometimes we need a good dose of something that isn't wholesome. I recommend this book to everyone, including both children and adults.  

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