Từ PAY trong tiếng Anh khá thú vị vừa là danh từ lẫn động từ, nếu bạn còn chưa nghe đến HARD WORK PAYS OFF hay PAY THROUGH YOUR NOSE thì càng cần học content tuyệt vời ngay bên dưới mà IELTS Trangbec đã chắt lọc:
1. Pay (someone) a compliment: to say something nice about (someone): khen ngợi ai đó 
Example: James really knows how to pay his friends nice compliments. 
2. Pay off /peɪ/: If something you have done pays off, it is successful: được đền bù xứng đáng
Example: All her hard work paid off in the end, and she finally passed the exam.
3. Pay tribute to sb/sth = to praise someone or something: tán dương ai
Example: The minister paid tribute to the men who had fought the blaze.
4. Pay through the nose = to pay too much money for something: trả giá cắt cổ…
Example: We paid through the nose to get the car fixed.
5. Pay dearly for = obtain something at a high cost or great effort: trả giá rất nhiều 
Example: His master must have paid dearly for such a magnificent beast.
6. Pay attention (to sth/sb) = to watch, listen to, or think about something or someone carefully or with interest: chú ý đến..
Example: If you don't pay attention now, you'll get it all wrong later.
7. Pay a visit = to visit a person or place, usually for a short time: ghé thăm
Example: I think I'll pay a visit to the library while I'm in town.
8. Pay rise (n) /ˈpeɪ ˌraɪz/: (US pay raise) = an increase in the amount of money you earn for doing your job: tăng lương
Example: Some company directors have awarded themselves huge pay rises.
9. Pay the price = to experience the bad result of something you have done: phải trả giá
Example: If you abuse your body now, you'll pay the price when you're older.
10. Pay your way = have or earn enough money to pay for what you need, without needing other people to give or lend you money: tự chi trả
Example: I went to college anyway, as a part-time student, paying my own way.
11. Pay your last respects = to honour someone after their death, usually by going to the person's funeral: tỏ lành thành kính đối với người đã khuất
Example: Friends and relatives came to pay their last respects to Mr Clarke.
12. Payslip (n) /ˈpeɪ.slɪp/: a piece of paper given to someone who is employed to show how much money they have earned and how much tax has been taken off: séc lương
Example: They tell you how to complete the payslips and how to pay
13. Pay freeze (n) =  salary/wage freeze = a situation in which a company stops increasing employees' pay because of financial difficulties: lương bị đóng băng (do công ty khó khăn tài chính)
Example: Union leaders are considering the company's proposals to change working hours, reduce overtime, or impose a pay freeze.

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