Nowadays computer are widely used in education. As a result, some people think teachers no longer play important roles in classroom. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Invented less than hundred years ago, computers are now used everywhere, even inside classroom. While teachers remain more or less the same, computers are doubling in speed and capability every four years. In light of the increasing presence and importance of computers in classrooms, people can’t help wondering whether teachers are as important as they once were. As far as I concerned, teachers still play a major role and are still of great importance.

First of all, it is well known that computers are better at repetitive work but incapable of creative thinking. However advanced they may be, computers are nothing more than human contrivances, programmed to perform certain tasks. They are unable to deal with students with different background. Needless to say, a classroom is a place where individual attention and creativity matter most. Therefore, computers are no better than other tools used by teacher and couldn’t possibly undermine the roles played by them.

Then, it might be argued that in terms of accuracy and the amount of information, computers outshine humans; but to make a good teacher means far more than being an encyclopedia where one can access all relevant information. Indeed, a good teacher organizes and inspires students, putting them into different groups and sharing with them his or her own experience and understanding of a certain subject. Instead of being the source of knowledge, a teacher is more like a guide who shows students the right path towards their destination.

Besides, the interaction between students and teachers is vital for learning. According to most education authorities, real learning occurs during the discussion and sharing of ideas with one’s teacher and classmates, which is a task beyond the power of the computer. Moreover, a teacher is there to monitor every slight change in student’s attitude, to respond to and encourage them whenever they show signs of frustration and impatience. Without this kind of interaction, education is unimaginable.

In conclusion, despite the increasing presence of computers inside classrooms, teachers are just essential, if not more so, as instructor were in the past. Some inherent drawbacks make it impossible for computers to replace teachers in classrooms where creative thinking and interpersonal skills are vital to ensure success.


Repetitive (adj): lặp đi lặp lại Frustration (n): sự chán nản
Incapable (adj): không có khả năng Unimaginable (adj): không tưởng
Contrivance (n): công cụ sang chế Inherent (adj): cố hữu
Creativity (n): sự sáng tạo Drawback (n): khuyết điểm/ hạn chế
Undermine (v): làm suy giảm Interpersonal (adj): về ứng xử giao tiếp
Outshine (v): gây ấn tượng hơn  
Encyclopedia (n): bách khoa toàn thư  
Destination (n): điểm đến  


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