Bài học tiếng Anh sẽ không còn nhàm chán và đơn điệu khi học các bài học về tâm hồn phải không nào mem ơi. Bây giờ chúng ta hãy cùng học từ vựng qua bài luận HẠNH PHÚC nhé. 

1/ People tend to believe that they can only achieve happiness in life by following their "dream", doing things they really love to do and ignoring any other factors. In fact, happiness is not something you can measure and eavalute. Happiness is fluid, flexible and it differs from people to people. Happiness is unlike a goal which has concrete meaning and limit. A goal you set can be clearly seen by other people. However, happiness is something only you can define by yourself. It is not a goal to achieve, rahter it is a feeling you have. The fluffy and litlle pleasure you have in your life is what make you happy. 


1. Ignore: lờ đi  5. Flexible: linh hoạt
2. Measure: đo được  6. Fluid: dễ thay đổi
3. Evaluate: tính toán  7. Flufffy: nhẹ và thoáng
4. Concrete meaning: ý nghĩa vững chắc   

2/ A dream, in the other hand, is more complex and goal-like. You dream to be a successful business man or a celebrity singer. You have goals which are long-term and enormous. However, in most cases, you just dream to be someone else rather than being that person in reality. This is what we call fantasy dream. To put it simple, that is an illusion you creat to escape from your boring and depressing daily routine. It has relation with having the happiness you really want. The happiness you need is always around you, in your own boring life. 


1. Goal-like: theo mục tiêu định hướng 6. Illusion: ảo tưởng
2. Celebrity singer: ca sĩ nổi tiếng  7. Escape: thoát khỏi
3. Long-term: dài hạn  8. Relation: mối quan hệ
4. Enormous: khổng lồ  9. In reality: trên thực tế 
5. Fantasy dream: giấc mơ tuyệt vời   

3/ Asking yourself this question to discover your true happiness in life: what make you feel content, pleasant and thankful. People blame for their own jobs, hate their devastated state of life they have, but normally forget the small gratefull, and serene moments that calm their fluctuating heart. Remember your favourite songs you repeatedly listen to. Remember the warm and cozy dinner your mom has made for you after a long, busy day at work. They can be just small, trivia things in your life but they surely serve you well. What you are waiting for not in illusion of becoming someone else, but enjoying your life toi its utmost. 


1. Discover your true happiness: khám phá ra hạnh phúc của cuộc đời bạn   
2. Illusion: ảo tưởng  7. Trival: chuyện vặt vãnh 
3. Content: thoả mãn  8. Grateful: biết ơn 
4. Blame for: đổ lỗi cho  9. Serene moments: khoảng khắc bình yên 
5. Desvastated state of life: tình trạng rối loạn hỗn độn mà họ đang phải sống  
6. Fluctuating heart: trái tim dao động   



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