Trong khi chấm bài cho các bạn tại BEC, ad thấy rằng có một số cụm từ sau được dùng cho các bài thi IELTS WRITING TASK 2  Cùng lưu lại và học nhé. 

1/ To acquire/obtain (experience/knowledge/skill): có được kinh nghiệm, kỹ năng.

Example: Some school leavers prefer to acquire/obtain experience working in a chosen profession rather than entering university. 

2/ To master vital soft skills: thành thạo các kỹ năng mềm quan trọng.

Example: Employees and students have a hard time mastering vital soft skills. However, employees in an office have a good opportunity to work with lots of colleagues from different backgrounds, which allows/enables them to gain the relevant experience in dealing with others.

3/ To put knowledge gained into practice: áp dụng kiến thức đã học vào thực tế.

Example: Vocational training courses enable students to put the knowledge gained during their studies into practice.

4/ To progress rapidly in their career: thăng tiến trong sự nghiệp.

Example: A person who chooses to get a job instead of pursuing higher education is likely to progress rapidly in their career, because they gain experience at an early age.

5/ To pursue/further your career: theo đuổi/phát triển sự nghiệp.

Example: While many people wish to pursue a successful career, for others it is more important to find work which is interesting and enjoyable.
Getting more qualifications is probably the best way to further your career.

6/ To achieve work-life balance: đạt được sự cân bằng giữa công việc và cuộc sống.

Example: Work-life balance can be achieved if employers institute policies, procedures, and promote actions that enable employees to have ample leisure time.

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