Nếu bạn là fan của SEX Education thì đảm bảo đã cầy xong mùa 3 mới ra nóng hổi trên Netflix rồi và có vô vàn từ vựng thú vị chúng mình có thể học được từ content tuyệt vời bên dưới. Còn nếu bạn còn chưa biết đến series hay tuyệt đỉnh này thì xem luôn và ngay nha. Sex Education vừa có tính giải trí tuyệt vời mà còn đem lại rất nhiều bài học giá trị trong cuộc sống cũng như giúp bạn am hiểu hơn về giáo dục giới tính đó
1. Premiere (v) /ˈprem.i.eər/: If a show, film, etc. premieres or if it is premiered, the first public performance or showing takes place: công chiếu 
Example: The wait is almost over! Sex Education Season 3 premieres September 17. 
2. Air (v) /eər/: to broadcast something or be broadcast on radio or television: phát sóng
Example: When will Sex Education season 3 air?
3. Ship (v) /ʃɪp/: The act of taking two fictional or non-fictional characters, and personally wishing for them to either be in love, or for them to have sex: ủng hộ cặp đôi
Example: I’m gonna say it! I ship Ruby and Otis. 
4. Root for: to express or show support for (a person, a team, etc.) : to hope for the success of (someone or something): ủng hộ
Example: I’m rooting for Otis and Maeve  to get together. 
5. Non-binary (a) /ˌnɒnˈbaɪ.nər.i/: having a gender identity (= feeling of being a particular gender) that is not simply male or female: người cảm thấy mình không thuộc về nhóm nam hay nữ
Example: A new character introduced in season 3 is Cal, played by Dua Saleh, a non-binary student at Moordale Secondary. 
6. Embark on/upon sth /ɪmˈbɑːk/: to start something new or important: bắt đầu…
Example: Season 3 sees Eric and Adam finally embarking on a romantic relationship
7. Change slowly: thay đổi dần dần 
Example: Adam has been changing slowly throughout the show, and now, he conclusively proves himself worthy of Eric’s love.
8.  Be on the same page = to have the same ideas as someone else: cùng suy nghĩ, quan điểm 
Example: Eric kissing Oba ultimately revealed that he and Adam weren’t at all on the same page or stage in life
9. Dump (v) /dʌmp/:  suddenly end a romantic relationship you have been having with someone: đá ai (chấm dứt mối quan hệ)
Example: Why did Eric dump Adam?
10. Cheat on sb /tʃiːt/: If you cheat on your husband, wife, or usual sexual partner, you secretly have a sexual relationship with someone else: lừa gạt ai
Example: Why Eric Cheats On Adam In Nigeria
11. Self-expression journey: hành trình bộc lộ cảm xúc
Example: He’s still early in his self-expression journey compared to Eric, who realized just how ready he was to fly this season.
12. Empathy (n) /ˈem.pə.θi/: the ability to share someone else's feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in that person's situation: sự cảm thông 
Example: In “Episode Eight,” Adam Groff conclusively becomes one of Sex Education’s most remarkable accomplishments in empathy.
13. Poetry (n) /ˈpəʊ.ɪ.tri/: poems in general as a form of literature: thơ văn
Example: For Adam, poetry and dogs may be the best avenues to self-expression and joy.
14. Repressed lifestyle: Lối sống kìm nén
Example: for Michael, cooking is the way to connect, a simple thing that brings him joy and allows him to show other people he’s making tentative steps out of his repressed lifestyle.
15. Ambiguity (n) /ˌæm.bɪˈɡjuː.ə.ti/: (an example of) the fact of something having more than one possible meaning and therefore possibly causing confusion: sự mơ hồ 
Example: Season three ends with a lot of ambiguities, especially when it comes to Moordale Secondary School itself.
16. Figure out /ˈfɪɡər/: to understand or solve something: tìm ra
Example: It looks like Jean and Jakob will have to figure out having a family together with a baby that isn’t his.
17. To be sexually assaulted: bị tấn công tình dục
Example: In season 2, Aimee is sexually assaulted while on the bus to school. 
18. Cry any minute: khóc bất cứ lúc nào vậy
Example: What’s wrong with Amy? She’s been walking around campus all day looking sad and like she’s going to start crying any minute
19. Pull the trigger (on sth) = To make a final decision or commit to a certain course of action (about something): đưa ra quyết định cuối cùng
Example: Aimee finally pulls the trigger on breaking up with Steve, since she needs to spend some time alone and figure out who she is.

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