Business and Career of the Company  

1/ Merger /'mɜ:dʒə[r]/: việc sát nhập

Example: The merger of these two companies would create the world's biggest accounting firm.

2/ Organize /'ɔ:gənaiz/: tổ chức 

Example: They organized a meeting between the teachers and students.

3/ Corporation /,kɔ:pə'rei∫n/: các công ty 

Example: She didn't want to work for a big corporation where everything was so impersonal.

4/ Bond /bɒnd/: chứng khoán 

Example: I invested some money in savings bonds.

5/ Portfolios /pɔ:'fəʊliəʊ/: danh sách vốn đầu tư

Example: She's trying to build up a portfolio of work to show during job interviews.

6/ Consolidate /kən'sɒlideit/: hợp nhất 

Example: The two firms consolidated to form a single company.

7/ Incorporated /in'kɔ:pəreitid/: công ty liên doanh 

Example: Bishop Computer Services Incorporated.

8/ Investor /in'vestə[r]/: các nhà đầu tư 

Example: A New York investor offered to acquire the company's shares for $13 each.

9/ Shareholder /'∫eəhəʊldə[r]/: cổ đông

Example: Shareholders will be voting on the proposed merger of the companies next week.

10/ Corporate /'kɔ:pərət/: công ty 

Example: A multinational corporation.


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