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1. I see = I understand: mình hiểu
Example: I see. Is he okay now?
2. I see what you mean: mình hiểu ý bạn
Example: I see what you mean. I will offer the project to somebody more dedicated. 
3. I see your point = I take your point: mình hiểu ý bạn
Example: A: I think you need to let Mary go. B: I see your point. 
4. I get what you mean = I get you: tôi hiểu ý bạn rồi
Example: A: I don’t think that 8 minutes is long enough for a lunch break. B: I get what you mean, Cynthia. 
5. Gotcha = I got you = I understood you: tôi hiểu
Example: Gotcha, you think it’s too high as well, don’t you?
6. I’m certain that = I am absolutely sure: tôi chắc chắn rằng…
Example: Don’t worry - I’m certain that you’ll feeling much better tomorrow.
7. All right = Okay = OK: ổn rồi…
Example: All right. Let’s do it as soon as possible!
8. Fair enough = something you say to show that you understand why someone has done or said something: tôi hiểu
Example: ”I'm just annoyed with him because he's behaved so badly." "Fair enough."
9. Aware (a) /əˈweər/: knowing that something exists, or having knowledge or experience of a particular thing: nhận thức được 
Example: Were you aware of the risks at the time?
10. Realize (v) /ˈrɪə.laɪz/: to understand a situation, sometimes suddenly: nhận ra 
Example: They didn't realize the danger they were in.
11. Recognise (v) /ˈrek.əɡ.naɪz/: to know someone or something because you have seen or heard him or her or experienced it before: hiểu
Example: Doctors are trained to recognize the symptoms of different diseases.
12. Appreciate (v) /əˈpriː.ʃi.eɪt/: to understand a situation and realize that it is important: hiểu/ đánh giá cao
Example: We appreciate the need for immediate action.
13. Acknowledge (v) /əkˈnɒl.ɪdʒ/: to accept, admit, or recognize something, or the truth or existence of something: công nhận
Example:  She acknowledged that she had been at fault.
14. Notice (v) /ˈnəʊ.tɪs/: to see or become conscious of something or someone: hiểu rằng/ thấy rằng 
Example: I noticed a crack in the ceiling. 

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