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Phần cuối của một bài thi Ielts là phần “Discussion”. Đây là phần thi khó nhất nhưng cũng là phần giúp bạn giành được số điểm cao từ examiner. BEC sẽ đưa ra một số gợi ý về câu hỏi và cách trả lời ở phần này, để giúp các bạn không còn lúng túng và bí ý tưởng nữa nhé.


1. What is the primary factor that influences your selection of clothes?

  • I think the style is what I care about most. My clothes should be suitable for me and reflect my taste and personality.
  • I think the function is the most essential. Clothes must be useful in the first place. I don’t buy clothes just for fashion. I don’t like to turn my wardoble into warehouse.

2. Why do many young people try to look different?

I think that’s because young people are more liberal-minded, and they are keen on new trends. Most young people are fashion-conscious. But sometimes it is superficial and shallow if one pays too much attention to appearance and deliberately makes oneself different.

3. What are the differences between men and women in choosing clothes?

I think men consider more the function and fabric of the clothes, while women pay more attention to style and colour. Men usually don’t buy many pieces of clothing unless they need them, but women are easily attracted by sales.

4. What are the differences between the young and the old in choosing clothes?

Young people enjoy fashionable clothes and like keeping the pace of trends. Compared with the young, old people prefer to wear traditional and comfortable clothes, and they don’t spend much on clothes.

5. What do you think of fashion? Do you like following fashion?

  • Fashion is becoming an industry, I think. There are more glossy magazines and shows on fashion. Personally, I don’t care for fashion very much. It is always changing. One cannot follow fashion all the time. When I choose clothes, what I care about is whether their styles and colour are suitable for me. It doesn’t matter whether they are in fashion.
  • Yes, I really do. I like following fashion. Fashion is a symbol of being modern and trendy. I enjoy the feeling of keeping up with the trends. I feel confident and different from others when I’m in fashionable clothes.

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