Để kết thúc cho topic về chủ đề "Restaurant", hãy cùng BEC đến với một "nhà hàng" ở Italy với món Spaghetti - Mì ý vô cùng nổi tiếng và hấp dẫn đối với rất nhiều người. Hãy cùng tham khảo thông qua bài đọc này nhé. 



1- Notice the underlined phrases and sentences which are essential for related topics ( Chú ý tằng các cụm từ gạch chân có thể cần thiết cho các chủ đề tương tự)

Spaghetti is a delicious Italian meal that most kids will love. In fact, adults and kids alike will surely enjoy a spaghetti lunch or dinner any day. The problem, however, in most spaghetti dishes is the soggy pasta. A lot of cooks tend to overcook spaghetti and thus ruin the whole taste. A lot of cooks tend to overcook spaghetti and thus ruin the whole state. They say that the best way to cook spaghettu is to cook it al dente. This means it should be slightly chewy and not pasty. Let's learn how to cook spaghetti noodles al dente. 

When you purchase your spaghetti pasta, you will see cooking instructions on the label. Make sure that you check the instructions and follow them carefully as these instructions already teach you how to cook that specific pasta al dente. At the same time, the lable already includes the quantity of water and the time you'll need to cook it. So it's very important to refer to the label instructions to come up with spaghetti noodle al dente. 

Perhaps another thing that you always tend to forget is to cook enough for the number of people eating. Generally, 500 grams of pasta is good for 4 people. If you look at a bundle of dry noodle, the diameter of about a US quarter coin will yield 1 cup. 

Now if you are cooking the spaghetti, make sure that you have a good-sized pan large enough to allow the pasta enough space. This will avoid your pasta sticking together or sticking to the pan. Another technique to avoid this is by adding oil. Once your water boils, add oil as you add in your pasta too. It's also best to toss your pasta every now and then to avoid sticking. Use tongs or chopsticks so you don't ruin the noodles. 

For 500 grams of pasta, you will need to pour in about 4 liters of water for boiling. However, it will be best to check on your pasta's lable for instructions as it may vary. At the same time, if cooking abou 500 grams of pasta, add about 2 tablespoons of salt. Salt allows for your pasta noodles to cook evenly. Add it after the water boils and not before. adding salt prior to boiling will require much longer time to boil. 

When you time your pasta, make sure to add the noodles once the water boils. Don't cover the pan for al dente pasta. It will take about 6 to 7 minutes for small serving. For large amounts, about 10 minutes will do. Again, it's best to look at intructions on the pasta's packaging. 

Now, to determine whether your noodles are already cooked al dente, make sure that you taste a piece of the spaghetti as soon as the recommended time is finished. It should be slightly chewy and when you look at the piece you've bitten, there must be a small white dot in the center.

If you're still cooking the sauce, make sure that you drain your noodles first and run cold water on them to stop the heating process. If you don't let the noodles cool right away, the heating process will continue and give you soggy noodles, taking away the al dente. texture. 

2- Coffee/ Tea-related Vocabulary: 

Colombian Coffee: cà phê Colombia  Green Tea: trà xanh 
Jamaican Coffee: cà phê Jamaica  Biluochun Tea: trà Bích Loa Xuân
Blue Mountain Coffee: cà phê Blue Mountain  Jasmine Tea: trà nhài 
Espresso: cà phê Espresso  Oolong Tea: trà Olong 
Cappuccino: cà phê Cappucino Black Tea: trà đen 
Cafe Latte: cà phê sữa  Chrysanthemum Tea: trà hoa cúc 
Decaffeinated Coffee: cà phê không cà-fe-in  
Instant Coffee: cà phê hoà tan   
Fresh Ground Coffee: cà phê mới xay  
Charcoal Coffee: cà phê đen   

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