Update đề thi nóng hổi IELTS Speaking choa mem iu nhà BEC đề thi sáng nay tại BC VUS - 17 December 2018 (187 Nguyen Luong Bang) nhé ạ

Part 1: Vacation and Rain

Part 1: Time & Teachers

Let’s talk about time:

Do you wear a watch?
Do you try to be on time?
Do people in your country tend to arrive on time?
How do you feel when someone is late?

Let’s talk about Teachers:

How do you view teachers?
Who was your favourite teacher?
How did teachers help you?
Would you like a job as a teacher?

Part 2: Talk about a sport that you have only watched but would like to play.

Đề này chỉ thay đổi cách hỏi 1 chút so với đề bên dưới còn thực ra mem có thể dùng chung 1 content mem nhé. Bạn nhà BEC thi sáng nay thì chọn nói về Basketball còn tuỳ em chọn môn nào mà mình có thể nói được tốt nhất và hiểu rõ về nó nhé :3

Talk about a sport that you really want to try in the future.

You should say:

What the sport is
Why you like it
When you first watched it
and explain when you want to play it

Part 2: Describe an occasion when you wore traditional clothes. You should say:

what they look like
when you purchased them
when you wear them
and explain how you feel about these clothes

Part 2: Describe a useful website you often visit ( or: your favourite website). You should say:

What are the contents of the website
How you found this website
How often you visit this website
and explain how this website helps you

Part 2: Talk about the person who you talk a lot with. You should say:

who this person is
what is your relationship with him/her
what kind of talk do you discuss together
and explain why you talk a lot with this person

(đọc kĩ mem sẽ thấy đề này chẳng khác gì m ấy so với đề TALK ABOUT A PERSON THAT YOU SPEND A LOT OF TIME WITH, easy peasy thực sự. Content có lái đi 1 chút thôi mà cơ bản là như nhau, chỉ có điều mem sẽ xoáy sâu vào nội dung Talk mà mình hay nói với người mà mình muốn tả thui hén :x)

Part 3: Let’s talk about Sport:

What is the most important sport in your country?
Do you think children these days are more interested in sport compared to the past?
Are there differences in sport interest at different age groups?
How does business influence sport these days?
Do you think it is a good idea to use sportsmen or women in advertising?

Part 3: Let’s talk about Clothes:

On what occasions do people wear formal clothes in your country?
Do you think people today wear more causal clothes compared with the past?
Why do some workplaces require employees to wear a uniform?
Do people behave differently when they wear a uniform?
Who should decide on the dress code of a company?

Part 3: Let’s talk about Websites:

Why do you think entertainment websites are popular?
Do you think people prefer to watch films on TV or on the Internet?
Are newspapers or news websites the most popular in your country?
Will the Internet replace libraries in the future?
Is the Internet important in schools in your country?

Part 3: Let’s talk about Communication in society:

Why is communication important?
In what situations is it helpful to be communicative?
What skills should a person have for good communication?
How can people improve their communication skills?
Do you think parents should let their children express themselves and think independently?
Should parents stop children when they talk sometimes?
Should we teach children when they should be quiet?


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